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Logo Animation Service

The Reverb Factory Ltd have both the creative and technical experience to transform your existing logo into a slick animation that promotes your company in a modern, eye catching and engaging way. Logo animations can be used in many different ways; an introduction to your promotional video, incorporated into a promotional DVD / Blu-ray, or simply as a looping company animation that greets your customers as they enter your reception area, helping your organisation make the right first impression.

        Watch the video above to see example Logo Animations

We firmly believe that your investment in a Logo Animation should result in a product that is unique and bespoke to you, therefore we don't simply use standard template designs, as other production companies have been known to do.

Doing this runs the risk of reducing the impact of your product or brand, as similar looking animations would be scattered throughout the web. The Reverb Factory Ltd, use our knowledge of the latest creative software to design your logo animation from scratch, ensuring that your brand and product animation is unique to you and you alone.

If you feel a professional logo animation like the examples shown above would benefit your product or organisation, it couldn't be any easier. All we require from you is a copy of your logo, we will then ensure that the pace and flow of the animation complements your product or service.

Rolls-Royce 'Butterfly' Logo animation
Rolls-Royce 'Butterfly' Logo animation project overview image
Rolls-Royce 'Butterfly' Logo animation project overview image





Using the existing Rolls-Royce Butterfly Fan Blade design as a reference, TRF brought the Butterfly to life and designed the animation to compliment the visual style of the 2d artwork.


For more information and a free quote please contact us on 01282 818272 to discuss your requirements. You can also contact us directly via e-mail at or by using the contact page.